Monday, 25 June 2007

The West Australian - laziness?

I've grown up reading The West Australian - I think it's a good paper. When it comes to reporting on Perth's local news, it does a fine job. It is nowhere near as bad as The Sunday Times.

BUT, doesn't The West need some competition, just to lift its game a bit? My main issue with The West is also the same issue I have with West Australians (the people) - The West "says", and West Australians simply "listen" - what The West says, absolutely goes. It's rare that the people of WA will deviate or question what is written in The West. The lack of another daily paper means there's no other opinion published.

Not sure what you think, but the reporting in The West has the same feel as the running of Perth by its Mayor - it's all there to keep West Australians happy. It provides what we want to read. Nothing too hard. Nothing too major. Nothing out of the ordinary. Aimed totally at the average family - 2 kids, 2 cars, a father who handles the DIY, barbeques on weekends, footy watching on Saturdays. Same old same old. Not everyone in Perth fits this mould.

Where are the controversial columnists? Where are the journalists who can offer a different point of view? The newspaper needs to try something new every once in a while. Actually, that said, Paul Murray does a fine job.

The West feels more like the local news of a small city.

Change just a bit please!
Surprise us.
Take a chance.

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