Monday, 25 June 2007

Some favourite places in Perth.....

OK, so I don't accept any advertising on this blog (well, not yet anyway), but I thought I'd open up the floor for readers to let me know their favourite places in Perth, to do whatever it is they like doing.
For me, what I love the most.....

* Coffee early on weekday mornings with my best friend at Soto (Mt Lawley)

* Sat morning breakfast with the same best friend at either The Globe or Diva (Mt Lawley).

* Movies at Luna (Leederville) - always quality product.

* Ten Pin Bowling with my nephews on Fitzgerald Street (forgot the name)

* Facials/peels at North Perth Beauty on Charles Street...but only if Anita does them (there's no better beautician in Perth)

* Yoga at 8 Limbs in Leederville - Monica, Gregor and Carmela (and the whole team) are the best yoga teachers I've ever had anywhere in the world

* Club sandwich at Cafe 130 (Leederville) for lunch

* Walking from Scarborough Beach to City Beach very early in the morning and watching the rowers

* Walking around the Swan River (the "bridges" walk) listening to my iPod

* Rollerblading or bike riding along the river path in front of Burswood Casino

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