Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Driving in Perth......

By now we've all read and heard about how much longer it's taking Perth drivers to get into and out of the city in the mornings and at evenings.

I know the city is busier, the urban sprawl has played a part in this congestion, and that everyone complains about the city's public transport systems.

But, there is one thing that most media and commentators have forgotten to mention in all this: Perth drivers are generally hopeless 90% of the time when it comes to congestion on the roads.

I've driven in both Sydney and Melbourne - extremely busy roads at the best of times. One thing drivers have in common in those cities is that they are generally courteous - drivers who GIVE WAY to other drivers simply because everyone is experiencing the same nightmare on the road so there's no loss by allowing another driver into your lane. Perth drivers are notorious for never giving way to other drivers which causes the driver in the left hand lane who is trying to make his way to the right to hold up untold amounts of traffic simply because the right lane driver won't let him in.

Remove this selfishness from the roads and things may speed up just a bit.

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