Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Woodside - please don't let Shell take you over!

Business is business, and everyone (especially shareholders) is swayed by money. When I read about the possible takeover of Woodside by Shell in Monday's West Australian my first thought was, well, that's just business and takeovers happen all the time.

BUT, then I thought about it some more and now have THIS to say - with all the exciting activity currently happening in Perth and in WA generally, Woodside is one of those independent firms that draws attention to our state by who it is, what it does, and ESPECIALLY by the fact that it's Australian-owned AND independent.

Having Woodside remain within this structure increases our own profile - it's yet another Australian "asset" and, for this reason, it attracts more attention to our please Woodside (on my knees), stay an independent!

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